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Dora, Francisco, Ghalid, Nazreen & Ashiq chose for 7EVEN

Dora & Francisco Dora and Francisco are moving from a one-bedroom apartment within Amsterdam West to a two-bedroom Maisonnette apartment within 7EVEN. Main reason for moving is to have a more spacious and better equipped apartment. After finishing her Master Organizational Psychology at the VU, Dora works now as a Business Analyst. Francisco is from Venezuela and works as a Support Engineer for an IT company. They met each other in Amsterdam and are now ready for the Next Step!

Ghalid Ghalid works as Business Analist for a Media company. He moved to a one-bedroom apartment in Amsterdam West in 2017 and is moving to a two-bedroom apartment within 7EVEN. Reason for moving is because the open-end contract together with an extra bedroom and balcony give Ghalid the feeling that he will be ready for any future steps in his life. As well as he likes to stay in the same neighborhood that he enjoys so much now. For an ambitious individual 7EVEN is the Next Step!

Nazreen and Ashiq Nazreen and Ashiq came to the Netherlands in 2020 from India. Nizam works as a user experience researcher for Booking.com and Ashiq is a developer. The reason they move into 7EVEN is to live in a bigger, new built apartment with an extra room to work in. Moving will be easy as they live only a few streets from their new apartment, staying in the same neighborhood is important for Nazreen and Ashiq as they like it. For hardworking couples who miss a home-office, 7EVEN is the Next Step!

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