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Hoofddorpplein area

Once you moved into your new apartment at 7EVEN Amsterdam, you can go explore the neighbourhood. In our previous blogs we talked about the direct area, but there’s so much more to discover. We will take you with us..

Within a few minutes' walk from 7EVEN Amsterdam, you'll be at Hoofddorpplein. A vibrant and lively place with all kinds of nice stores and shops. Start your day with a coffee and croissant from Nana. This coffee house does not only serve drinks, but also breakfast, lunch and snacks. Nana is also the right place for a nice chat with the friendly owner.

On a side street of Hoofddorpplein, Hoofddorpweg, you will find toyshop Knutsel Frutsel. This unique store has a little bit of everything: toys, books and craft supplies. The staff is happy to help you find the perfect gift. With their knowledge, they can advise you about all the products.

Across the street from Knutsel Frutsel you will find concept store .wen. This store has beautiful women's clothing, jewelry, interior accessories and many more. Find your perfect outfit to explore Amsterdam with!

Brighten up your home with beautiful flowers from Lansuplant Mouton, buy a tasty pastry at Banketbakkerij Damman, drop by Divine & Delicious for your kitchen supplies and end your visit to the Hoofddorpplein with a drink and bite at Grannies.

Have fun!

References: Nana

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