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We all know the feeling; you had a busy, long day at work and the only thing you want to do is relax and enjoy the evening sun in the peace and quiet. You don’t have to go far, once you moved into your new apartment at 7EVEN Amsterdam. A few minutes from Overschiestraat you’ll find nature and recreation area De Oeverlanden. It’s the perfect place to clear your head!

At De Oeverlanden you will find a beach, where you can swim in De Nieuwe Meer and find some refreshment on a hot summer day. Unlike many other parks in Amsterdam, you can barbecue here. The perfect place to celebrate the weekend with your friends, right?! You will also find a basketball court, playground and various refreshments and toilet facilities here.

De Oeverlanden is known for the Schotse Hooglanders, who are walking and grazing freely around here. De Schotse Hooglanders is maintaining the natural balance in an ecologically sound manner. They look cuddly but don’t come too close.

There are some changes ahead for this nature reserve. Check out the municipality's development plans here.

Go for a long walk or a peaceful bike ride at De Oeverlanden and clear your head! Register now for an apartment at 7EVEN Amsterdam and maybe De Oeverlanden will belong to your backyard this summer.

References: Gemeente Amsterdam

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