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7EVEN Amsterdam reaches its highest point

About a year after the start of the 7EVEN project in Amsterdam, the highest point has been reached a few days ago. The implementation team managed to reach this milestone on schedule, despite the very tight construction time of 18 months and COVID-19. A very nice performance from the execution team!

From left to right: Guido van der Veen - Development Director Rockfield Real Estate, Laurien van Wieringen - Director Asset Management M&G, Gem Bot - Director Bot Bouw.

In the meantime, the finishing work has started, the facades have been removed and the complex is increasingly taking shape. Only a few months to go and then 7EVEN Amsterdam will be completed around August 2021 and the first residents can move into their homes.

The imposing building designed by Kenk Architects is part of a larger area development on the Overschiestraat in Amsterdam. Divided over 13 floors, 7EVEN Amsterdam has 90 free sector rental apartments and a high-quality inner garden developed by Rockfield Real Estate and realized by Bot Bouw. M&G Real Estate is the end investor of this project.

All apartments are delivered according to high standards. They include a high-quality floor and a fully-equipped kitchen and bathroom. The walls and ceiling are also neatly finished.

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